Do you choose an AirBNB property management company or manage your property yourself?

27 Jun Do you choose an AirBNB property management company or manage your property yourself?

You’ve got your property ready to rent. The art is hung, the paint is fresh and the pillows are plumped. You’re ready to rake in the returns of short-term renting. There’s only one more decision to make: do you manage the property yourself, or do you put your keys – and trust – in an AirBNB property management company?

It’s understandable that you’d want to manage your short-term rental property yourself. After all, you paid for it, shouldn’t you be responsible for managing it too? Never mind all the time it takes to deal with cleaning and maintenance between guests checking in, or the long stretches of time where it goes unused if you’re out of the city or country. Managing your property gives you control, right? Surely it’s better to spend what little free time you have managing your investment rather than handing over the responsibility to a professional AirBNB property management company. Surely.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go. You’ve spent time preparing your room or house. You’re ready for the bookings to fill up your calendar and your bank account. If you’re in control of the property, then you’re in control of who stays there. And the best thing? All of the money your guests pay for their accommodation comes to you, not some agent. And how invested is an AirBNB property management agent in your house anyway?

Beachside Breaks is an AirBNB property management company that is as careful and thorough with your property as you are. We organise advertising across a range of platforms, take care of guest booking and screening, keep up with cleaning and maintenance, supply linen and towels, provide local recommendations, and even organise custom services for your property like gardening and pool cleaning. Even the most dedicated control freak can’t do all that!

There’s no doubt that managing your property yourself puts you in the driver’s seat. You know where you’re going, and you’re in control. But letting Beachside Breaks specialised AirBNB property management system handle the details is like sitting in the back of a limo. You’re in control of the journey, but someone else is doing all the hard work while you relax and drink champagne.

Imagine you have holidays coming up, or need to go overseas for a few weeks. In the time you’re away, three or four people could have stayed in your property, but you weren’t there to check it out between each guest. That’s a lot of money you’re missing out on. And for the price of a small commission on each booking, you could have been passively earning the whole time.

It may be a little nerve-wracking not knowing exactly who stays in your property at first. Sure, if you screen each potential guest, you’ll have control, but there are always people who’ll seem a lot more genuine than they turn out to be, and you may come back to find your property damaged and in need of repair. To avoid nasty surprises, let us take care of your AirBNB property management. It’s what we do. We lay down standard ground rules for each property (plus any other rules you may wish us to enforce) and we’re on-call 24/7. If there’s a potential troublemaker wanting to stay at your place, we’ll turn them away in favour of a friendlier group.

Managing the short-term rentals of your own property may seem like it gives you control, but in reality, you’re only putting more pressure on yourself. With your AirBNB property management taken care of, the biggest payoff is peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your property and your guests will be taken care of. Beachside Breaks is working around the clock to ensure it.

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