Why choose Short term letting over Long term letting?

05 Jun Why choose Short term letting over Long term letting?

A property is one of the largest and wisest investments you’ll ever make. Until recently, renting your property long-term was the only way to make a reliable return on that investment. Beachside Breaks is changing the game.

Smart investors are always looking for ways to maximise their value, and taking advantage of your property’s location is the key to diving into a massive new market: short-term rentals. Switching from the tired old long-term rental model to our AirBNB property management system will give you satisfying returns and peace of mind.

With long-term renting comes long-term headaches. Your property can fall into disrepair or be damaged by misuse, and it’s often a gamble how reliable your renters can be. The property still belongs to you, sure, but you lose an awful lot of control, and often problems are only addressed in your once- or twice-yearly inspections. You can’t use your property or offer it to visiting family members. Your prices and your tenants are both decided by the market. That’s a lot of control to hand over when it comes to such a huge investment.

That’s where Beachside Breaks steps in.


We’ve developed a system of AirBNB property management that lets you retain as much control as you like, all while letting us deal with the little details that will make sure your short-term guests will recommend your place both in-app and in-person.

Beachside Breaks advertise on fifteen top travel accommodation sites, including AirBNB, Stayz, FlipKey and Trip Advisor. These sites are the future of accommodation. In the past year AirBNB listings alone have doubled in Sydney as more and more property owners are renting out rooms or entire houses. Hotels are outdated, and Sydney’s Northern Beaches in particular have very little to boast in that department. What holidaymakers want is personality. A casual one-or- two-night encounter with an interesting house close to the action is so much more appealing than the fake smiles and bad art of an over-priced out-of- the-way hotel room.

Seven million people visit the Northern Beaches every year. Think about that summer swell of people that flock to the waves and warmth, or the ten thousand- strong crowd that come to watch the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day. Give them the opportunity to make a night of it. With Beachside Breaks it’s easy. Let us do the running around, while you rake in up to double the long-term average weekly rent intake.

Of course, in order for you to make the most of this massive market, you need to stand out and provide an enjoyable experience for your guests. You need someone who is going to respect your investment. Beachside Breaks provides an amazing AirBNB property management experience. We offer each potential guest our local knowledge – recommending watering holes, restaurants and activities according to the purpose of their stay and the details of their group.

We’re a family-friendly company, and want your property to be as respected as much as you do. After your guests leave, we’ll sweep in for an inspection and let you know if anything needs attention. We’ll then professionally clean your property, ready for the next round of short-term, well-paying guests.

Take control of your investment. Take advantage of your property’s location. With Beachside Breaks looking after your AirBNB property management, you can relax knowing that your property is appreciated by your guests, and will appreciate in value.

If you’re still deciding to manage your property yourself or have an AirBNB property manager do it for you, read our blog here where we look at the pro’s and con’s of each.

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