Sydney full time property management vs Sydney holiday property management

20 Jun Sydney full time property management vs Sydney holiday property management

Sydney full time property management vs Sydney holiday property management


Its a scary thought for some, renting their pride and joy to holiday makers, Some fear of damage to their property, and some of lack of occupancy.

We are here to put these myths to rest!


Property management

The team at Beachside Breaks doesn’t just make sure your property is still standing, We provide services exceeding others.

Our properties see us more than they bear to accept! At every check in, one of our property managers arrives early to ensure your property is in tip top shape. We have not just the guests to please, but the owners as well. So our team makes sure everything as it should be, and if it’s not, it’s sorted out on the spot. On every guest departure, Our housekeeping team comes in like a whirlwind. On their completion the house/apartment is like no one ever stayed there, and is ready for the next booking or owners return.

On a standard Beachside Breaks apartment in Manly, our team lays eyes on it a whopping 80 times a year! That is a huge increase from a normal rental’s standard 2-4 inspections per year.

When it comes to any problems that arise, From broken dishwashers, to lost keys, our 24 hour contact ensures that these issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. Our guests have praised us for our dedication to ensuring their experience is as enjoyable as possible, even when problems arise.

Instead of renting our owners properties out to Joe Bloggs and John Doe, our team knows exactly who is coming, the details of their group, and reason for their stay. This stops revellers in their tracks, we are proud to say that we have only had 1 negative experience with a guest, which was sorted before it could get out of hand. We encourage families and respectful adults, not young party people and large unrelated groups. Our personal check ins also help immensely with guest behaviour. Each check in gets a tour of the property, a read through the House manual (made by us) and the house rules. They literally have no excuses if they act out of line, and we are well within our right to hold refundable bonds or worse. Of course we’re not an absolute buzz kill, we always give our guests recommendations of local watering holes, favourite restaurants and hang out spots, and leave every time with a smile and “Enjoy your stay!”

Rental return & exposure

Rental return can depend on a few factors. Location of property, size, outlook, parking, Quality of fixtures, furnitures and amenities. We average 85% occupancy in our full-time established apartments in Manly, this coupled with advertised rates averaging 2-4 x what a normal long-term rental achieves, you can quickly see the attraction.

Of course we can never guarantee occupancy, but rest assured your property receives a massive global exposure. We list on more websites than any other Holiday letting agency in Sydney, meaning more people looking at your property, and more bookings. And the best part about it? The commission each website charges for the listing is covered within our management fee.

We are experts on presenting your property to stand out from the rest, from our dynamic seasonal pricing, to professional photo shoot, your property will look its best to any potential holiday maker.

Peace of mind

As mentioned earlier, a common concern is damage/theft. On top of our extensive booking conditions and house rules, we take a large refundable damage deposit from every booking. This is for us to use if any of the booking conditions are not adhered to, including penalties for bad behaviour. As a further measure , for a small price we insist the owner selects one of our affiliates insurance policies, which further covers for any mis-haps that may happen during a stay.

We can suggest specialty short-term letting insurance policies year round, or just a few weeks away. Either way, you can sleep easy at night knowing that there are multiple levels of contingencies in place for your property.

Inclusions and furnishings

You may ask, do we need to leave our sheets, what about towels? We provide hotel quality Manchester, linen and towelling with every stay, so all you need is the bed base and mattress. Every arrival also gets one of our welcome packs, including boutique bathroom sets, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, tea, coffee, the list goes on.. This has and continues to be a huge positive for our guests.

What do i need to provide? Our initial consultation includes a suggested inventory, which will be discussed with our dedicated client services manager. Each property is different and a final inventory will be agreed upon prior to signing. In most cases the property already has everything needed to get going and get great reviews from guests.


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