Holiday Rentals vs. Hotels

holiday rentals

25 Jan Holiday Rentals vs. Hotels

Holiday rentals are a fantastic alternative to staying at a hotel. While staying at a hotel may be your initial thought, it’s very worth considering rental accommodation.

Personalised recommendations

Staying at a hotel doesn’t always provide you with local knowledge and genuine insight into an area. Hotels usually are affiliated with companies who market to tourists. When you are given recommendations from hotel concierge, it might only happen because the hotel will receive commission from that company for their referral. This means you might be missing out on the best sights because the concierge won’t even mention them. Luckily for you, we are happy to give recommendations for amazing places to visit on the Northern Beaches. We’re locals who don’t mind divulging the hidden gems to you!

A peaceful space, just for you

Forget about sharing busy lobbies, or noisy conversations in hotel corridors. Holiday rentals provide an entire space for you to relax in. “…short-term, private accommodation is front of mind for many savvy travellers, who prefer their own space and a sense of place to marble lobbies, costly Wi-Fi and large tour groups.” (Domain, article) You can enjoy kitchen facilities, lounge rooms and gardens all for yourself.

Pick somewhere just right

With Beachside Breaks, you can choose holiday rental properties which are just the right size. When buying a hotel room, you may end up paying for space you don’t need. On the other hand, you might be cramped in a room which seemed more spacious on the website. We have everything from the expansive beach house, to luxurious vacation apartments which are ideal for couples.

Extras from Beachside Breaks holiday rentals

Every rental property includes fresh linen, towels, consumables and kitchen equipment as standard. Additionally, we can provide extras such as car or bike hire, airport transfers, or delicious food packages. If you need something to make your stay extra special, you can contact our concierge service. Concert tickets, roses, dinner reservations – you can test us!

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