How to furnish your property for short-term rental

07 Jul How to furnish your property for short-term rental

If you’ve seen one hotel room, you’ve seen them all. You slide your key in and open that door to find a room that’s clean, tidy and boring. Crisp towels and sheets, over-priced snacks, a poor internet connection, not enough crockery or utensils and about as much personality as the bland and faded painting hanging over the bed. It’s a place to sleep and that’s all.

AirBNB changes the rules when it comes to providing accommodation. Holidaymakers no longer simply want somewhere to dump their bags and, later, their tired bodies. An interesting accommodation option is becoming part of the holiday destination. For many, boring just isn’t, well, interesting enough.

When you sign on to provide accommodation, whether it be solo or through an AirBNB property management agent, you’re opening up your home, but you’re also showcasing your personality. Providing guests with the right mix of comfort and creativity will have your property climbing up the ratings, meaning more income coming your way.

But how do you achieve that perfect balance of hotel-room service and spare-room comfort?

There’s a baseline that guests have come to expect from any AirBNB property. Unsurprisingly, it takes a little more effort than a standard hotel room’s mini bottles of toiletries.

The number one requirement is giving your guests access to unlimited WiFi. They’re there to relax, and for many that translates to lounging on a couch and swiping a screen while they wait for their next activity.

After WiFi, obviously your guests’ basic needs come first. They’ll need sheets, towels, laundry and ironing facilities, pots and pans, crockery and utensils for all guests (and guests of guests) and cleaning supplies for spills and dishes. You’ll also need to be sure that your property is safe. Cupboards under sinks might need child-friendly locks and wet areas need to be slip-proof.

That’s what your guests need. And that’s where your property’s similarity to a hotel should end.

So how do you set yourself apart? How do you ensure their comfort? Air conditioning or fans are a big step in the right direction – especially for overseas guests from cooler climates. Condiments that keep well – salt and pepper, for instance – are a good idea, but don’t leave your guests a tray of chicken or jars of homemade jams.

Other ideas to consider might be a coffee machine, a Netflix account your guests can use, sporting equipment they can borrow or even a gaming console. Unique elements are key to providing your guests with a memorable stay.

Having said that, being too unique can stop your guests before they walk in the door. We all know someone with a little too much personality, and you don’t want your property to be viewed in the same way.

Your furniture should be plentiful, hard-wearing and able to weather the inevitable spills. A crisp white couch will not stay that way for long when you’ve got dozens of people sitting on it each month. Art is great, but tasteful and family friendly is the safest bet. As for colour choice, well, you want your property to be interesting, but you don’t want your guests to think they’ve stepped into a Picasso.

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot to consider.

It’s a balancing act to get the mix of personality and professionalism right. It’s also a lot of work, especially if the property you’re renting out is nowhere near where you live. The return is definitely worth the effort, but if you’re still a little frightened, then having an AirBNB property manager looking after the little things might be just the solution.

Beachside Breaks knows the right recipe to get that perfect guest experience. We can provide each guest with a pack of basic necessities, and before you’re even ready to start renting we’ll consult with you about the little things like sheets, towels and crockery. Your first guests will find their experience so smooth they’ll think you’ve been renting for years.

It’s true that guests expect more from you than a hotel room. That’s because they’re staying in a home-away-from-home. They’re meeting your property when they come to stay, not just sleeping in it.

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